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AW Autotech provides professional level diagnostics utilising the latest technology to ensure  whatever the problem, we’ll find it.

We use the latest in diagnostic platforms including:


Autologic is a genuine alternative to 'GT1', 'SSS', and 'ISIS', often providing quicker diagnostics, coding and programming than other diagnostic tools.  Additional features of Autologic over other diagnostic tools include fitting aftermarket components and an increased number of retrofits.


Pico Diagnostics is a high level diagnostics engine health check for you car. With just a simple connection to the battery you can perform a cylinder balance test, detect misfires, carry out a compression test and test batteries, starter motors and alternators.


The number of electronics systems in a vehicle is increasing rapidly. Increasingly, they are networked to safety, comfort and convenience systems. Driving forces behind this development are not only customer desires for increased comfort, but also safety regulations and statutory emission standards. In the face of this challenge, pure ECU diagnostics is no longer sufficient. Further information provided by efficient test equipment is also necessary. All makes and models of car catered for.


With advances in vehicle technology, workshops and garages alike need increasingly sophisticated equipment and technical support to be able to offer a professional and profitable service to their customers. At AW Autotech we know exactly what is required when servicing these vehicles. Using Delphi dianostic equipment we offer a comprehensive range of specialist tooling, diagnostic and test equipment to enable the quick, accurate and cost effective diagnosis, service and repair of today’s modern vehicle. Delphie diagnostics system is geared towards diesel engines and provides detailed technical information for more accurate diagnostic analysis.

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