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'Auto Test' 63 Car Club at the North East Car Show

"Raised viewing area for spectacular views of the action"

This is probably the cheapest form of motorsport around and the Club organise nine of these events per year. In this event it is the skill of the driver that is put to the test as you perform a series of tests around cones against the clock. In Autotesting it isn’t the power of the car that matters, in fact a smaller car such as Mini often proves to be the winner. You can take part in these events in almost any type of vehicle as you are placed in a class with cars of similar power. There is even a class for cars that aren’t MOT’D or taxed. This really is a fun event on a shoestring budget – entry fees are only around £12 per event and there is no modification required, your road car will do, with very little risk of mechanical damage.

An Entry Fee Maybe Applicable

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